Living stress free after college with little to no money. Stories and ideas from somebody dealing with it.

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Want to be Rich? [Infographic]

If you follow this blog, you know that I absolutely love infographics.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe it is my ADHD and my love for simply laid out information and the fun little pictures they use to break down stats and whatnot. I just came across this infographic that depicts the Habits of the World’s Wealthiest I [...]

The Best Part Time Jobs In College

So I usually make most posts on this site about how to live life after college and ranting about how much I may hate student loans.  Sometimes I like to get stuff up here to help current students to help them prevent the crappy post grad life of no money.  Below is a post that was shared with me about finding ways to make some mone [...]

Student Loan News: Congress Passes Lo...

Congress has been “hard at work” for months trying to figure out what to do about the student loan crisis that is just out of control.  This is one of those few landslide victories to come across Congress that doesn’t involve increasing their own pay. Student loan rates were set to double and go back to their prev [...]

Why should you pay off your mortgage ...

If you have a mortgage and a home on your name that is partly yours and have the financial possibility of paying off your mortgage easily, so when should you pay off your mortgage and how would you do this? This is a big question and is a decision not to be made in haste and it is important to check the effects this could have on your finance [...]

How to Make It as a Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer is a great way to get some experience right after you graduate and to make some extra money to help you pay down your debt or start establishing yourself financially. Of course, it’s also a great way to start building a career in its own right, and there is potential to be very successful if you are persist [...]

How to Use the Snowball Effect to Pay...

When you have a lot of debt, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Even small debts can add up when they are spread out over multiple credit cards, especially if you already have a hefty student loan payment. Just making the minimum monthly payments on each of these can add up to a lot each month. You can keep making these payments month after [...]

5 Tips for Saving Big on Your Undergr...

The cost of college has become a major obstacle for many people in recent years. With the rise in tuition rates and student loan companies demanding repayments so quickly after graduation, it’s enough to put anyone off from earning their degree. However, there are fortunately many ways you can save a ton of money while in college and graduate [...]

Cooking Tips for Bachelors

Bachelors aren’t known for their cooking skills. Most single men are content to live off beer and ramen noodles day in and day out — only breaking their streak by ordering in a pizza or grabbing some takeout on the way home. Eating like that for too long can start to take its toll. You need to learn a few tricks around the kitchen [...]

Great Student Loan Tool – Stude...

I was skeptical about signing up for this service since I already have accounts with Mint and Credit Karma.  Those already track my credit, my loan totals and my budget.  After reading a little more about Student Loan Hero and how free it is, I figured it was SSN worthy. The difference with this program is they only follow your student loans. [...]

Side Job Spotlight: Fitness Jobs

Do you already gravitate toward the gym when you are off of work.  Why not look into a part time job as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor to supplement your regular job’s income? This is the perfect way for people that love fitness to make some extra cash on the side, without having to do any grueling work.  Most personal t [...]